Our Partners

HARTTER | MANLY partners are premier vendors and providers in the wedding industry coming from all around the world. We take your big day seriously, and we have ensured that we are only partnered with vendors who feel the same. H|M partners have been thoroughly vetted and we are more than happy to recommend them for all of your wedding needs.

Are You A Vendor? Partner With Us!

A partnership with H|M means the potential for collaboration on photo shoots, content, marketing material, and one-on-one styling consultations for your clients. In exchange, we simply ask that you add us to your preferred vendor list or website.

How To Apply:

First, email us at hi@harttermanly.com, providing a description of your company and a link to your website. 

Second, list us on your site as a partner using the provided link. Once verified, we will provide you with a discount code and add you to our Partnership list!

You can order your normal shoe size. Our products run true to size.

Would you like a more precise recommendation? Use the Feetsizr app to measure your feet for the perfect fit.