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The Doyle


It’s classic with a twist, and we think you’re really going to like it. The iconic white button-up takes a turn for the unexpected with smooth grey pearlescent buttons that act as both focal point and contrast. Designed to be attractive worn on it’s own, beneath a favorite suit jacket, or with a matching grey tie, this shirt is a steadfast fashion ally that will always ensure you look your best, whether you’re headed to the office or out to a cocktail party.

  • A subtle accent difference that elevates the classic men’s go-to dress shirt.
  • Deep grey pearlescent buttons for a contrast look at a glance.
  • Pair with your suit jacket, tie, cufflinks and other accessories to fill out the look.

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4-6 weeks

Alterations – If your garment requires some fine tuning, visit your preferred local tailor for alterations. HARTTER | MANLY will offer a reimbursement of your verified-by-tailor-receipt alterations, up to $50. This credit is offered to ensure your new custom-made clothing fits you perfectly.

Remakes – If your preferred local tailor(s) cannot make the necessary adjustments to your custom garment order, we will produce another bespoke garment if the issue was HARTTER | MANLY’s mistake. Reach out to our team via email at, and after verifying your issue, you’ll be asked to send your garment(s) back to us in order to proceed with a remake.

Q: Will you remake orders that don’t fit correctly?

A: HARTTER | MANLY reserves the right to deny remake requests in circumstances where alterations can be made by a local tailor. If local tailors cannot fix your order, we will produce another garment from scratch if the issue was HARTTER | MANLY’s initial mistake.

After verifying your case, you will be asked to send your garment to our offices to proceed with the remake of your garment. HARTTER | MANLY reserves the right to deny remake requests in circumstances where the product is not in perfect condition or does not have all its labels on it.

Customers are responsible for return shipping charges.

Q: Do you provide a warranty for your products?

A: Online purchases do come with a warranty for ready to wear products. Our ready to wear products are still made from scratch, so you can anticipate the lead time on exchanges to be an additional 4-5 weeks.

Due to the limited fabric supply, some items may be unavailable to be remade. In addition to our 30 day purchase guarantee we will cover missing buttons and rips up to 90 days from purchase date. After 90 days, we cannot guarantee the fabric or button will be in stock.

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About our suits


Our fabrics are hand picked and sourced from the best mills in the world – including E. Thomas, Cerutti, and Vitale Barbers Canonico. Clients can expect new swatches to pick from every season as our team is constantly scouring the globe to bring you the best of the best.

Form & Fit

We are committed to providing you with the best fitting garment possible. Each suit is hand-cut according to your precise measurements, body type and preferences, allowing for an excellent fit and mobility.

Custom Options

Every element of your suit (seen or unseen) can be customized to your preference. From lapel type and width to buttons, vents, pockets, piping, and cut.

Garment Care

To get the most longevity out of your suit, there are 3 essential tools: a suit brush, a proper hanger, and a steamer. To preserve the integrity of the fabric, limit dry cleaning. For stains, use a spot cleaner. Refrain from storing items (i.e. cell phones, keys, etc.) in the outer pockets of your jacket to preserve the shape.

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