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The untouchable feel & look of European craftsmanship

Your shirt is more than the clothing between you and your suit – it’s the very foundation of men’s fashion, both in the office and out of it. When you select premium materials and superior designs like HARTTER | MANLY, you’re not just setting the stage for your final look, you’re giving your suit the support it needs to shine. Get comfortable with the noteworthy cuts, colors, styles, and fabrics of our delightful button-up shirt line: it’s the first step towards an even more impressive, well-suited version of you.


How It Works

Design Your Way

We have a unique 3D platform that enables you to customize all elements of your shirt, from the fabric, to the cuffs, to the buttons. You’re a one-of-a-kind guy. Wear one-of-a-kind clothes.


3 Weeks or Less

With our standard shipping, you’ll receive your garment in about 20 calendar days. With semi-express, you can expect to receive your garment in 8 work days. We ship directly from our workshop to your front door using DHL Express. 

Fine Fabrics and Design

We use high-quality Italian fabrics and European craftsmanship techniques to create beautiful custom clothes that are made just for you. 

Measuring Made Easy

You can take your measurements easily using our new H | M Mobile Tailor, which guarantees you 70+ measurements using just 2 pics from your smartphone. Need to order now? Plug in some random numbers and we’ll update it with your correct measurements once you’ve used our groundbreaking technology. 

Custom Suits

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