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Media Kit

Our mission statement

Our aim is to provide one-of-a-kind designs with timeless yet modern appeal, while bridging the gap between affordable and high-caliber menswear. We’ve harnessed the power of our emblem, the pinecone, with its individually tailored design and symbolism of strength, to create menswear that imbues professional growth.

We seek out the best manufacturers in the world, offer impeccable craftsmanship, and tailor to the needs of stylish and ambitiously evolving gentlemen.

Get in touch with us at press@harttermanly.com


How it started

Eric Hartter and David Manly met while working at a top five bank. David liked Eric’s jacket and their conversation moved from style to the struggles of shopping off the rack. David, having grown up with a fashionista mother handcrafting his clothing, expressed his affinity for that touch of personal design.

Over dinner, Eric and David jotted down what an ideal menswear company would look like. One-of-one designs. High-caliber fabric with many options. Online shopping. At-home tailoring options. Ultimately, they were brainstorming what in 2014 became HARTTER | MANLY, a menswear company providing an efficient, hybrid approach to the gentlemen’s experience.

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Our Emblem

The pinecone symbolizes perception, force, and generative strength. Cross-culturally, they are depicted in the hands of gods, patterned, perfect, yet each with a unique design. Here at HARTTER | MANLY we awaken you with the menswear experience of timeless designs, modern appeal, and individual tailoring. It’s a look that says, enlightened professional growth.


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