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Tying The Knot?

Your wedding experience

We specialize in making you look like Mr. Right, but remember she is always right. Whether it’s a black tie event or a casual beach-side wedding, the suit and memories will last you a lifetime.


2 Piece Suit + Shirt

4+ groomsmen

$700 Per Person

6+ groomsmen

$625 Per Person

How it works

We send you a super simple and easy to do instruction kit to take your own measurements. It’s so easy you can do it during your bachelor party. To make sure you do this right, our stylists will jump on a quick call to help your groomsmen get all the correct measurements you need.


If you don’t see what you’re looking for on our site, feel free to send over a few pictures of what you want to We also can send you our Black Book Collection to help you pick out what works best for your groomsmen and bridesmaids. We do provide a prepaid return label and ask that the books be sent back within five days of receiving them. So make sure you are ready to finalize your choices prior to having the books sent your way.


Although we have all the resources to do last minute weddings, we like to start 8 to 10 weeks before the wedding date. This gives us enough time to create the perfect suit for your big day.

Alteration Credit

We want everyone to look GREAT! To ensure your groomsmen are happy with the fit, we provide up to a $50 alteration credit with a receipt for each suit. To make sure things go smoother and faster, we accept Venmo and Paypal. For rare cases where it costs more than $50 to alter a suit, please reach out to and we can discuss how to handle those situations.  



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