HARTTER | MANLY is an expanding menswear lifestyle brand headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota. We are rapidly growing our online presence as well as our team across the United States. We are always on the lookout for the most talented individuals in the following areas: Sales Stylist, Marketing, Operations, Accounting, and Technology.

If you don’t think you’re talented enough or will be a good fit… you’re right. But if you do believe you are talented and would be a good fit, reach out to us.

Available Positions

In order to keep up with our companies growth, we will continue to take applications. For a stylist position, you must be located near a major metropolitan area or can showcase a strong network within your region. Please submit your information and find a position with us that suits you exquisitely.

The Personal Stylist is sales focused, and will build a compelling value proposition to strengthen our relationships with customers and drive their loyalty and lifetime value. In this position, you will collaborate closely with the HARTTER | MANLY’s leadership team to develop and implement strategies, which exceeds our customer’s expectations and provides the absolute best shopping experience while growing the future of the company.

Please download the full job description for further information. If you’re ready to apply, fill out the form on this page.