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The Company

David and I saw a major problem happening to men everywhere.

Men were sacrificing the quality of their suits because old traditional tailoring methods were charging them an arm and a leg, leaving them to resort to off the rack suits that make them look like they are wearing a suit out of their dad’s closet.


Our Story

David and I both saw this as a big problem, with both our backgrounds, we knew the importance of looking your best and grabbing all the eyes in the room when you walk in. Seeing how this was getting worse and worse, David and I partnered up to bring you HARTTER | MANLY.


The Gentlemen's Experience

We combined the bespoke tailoring experience with the speed of made-to-measure. H|M values having that personal experience with our clients, but we also value your time.  With our Gentlemen’s Experience, you are in complete control from start to finish. When we work with you, we will take 25+ measurements to ensure the perfect fit. You will have access to our collection of over 3,000 swatches plus our international imports at the tip of your fingers.


HARTTER | MANLY delivers the new and revolutionary tailoring experience.

The service you will be getting belongs in a class of its own. Our fabric collection, tailors, and partnerships across the globe enables us the ability to never create the same suit twice. Each suit is designed to fit your unique one-of-a-kind style. When you put on your suit, we want you to capture the look and feel of royalty.


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—  Benjamin Franklin

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