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Groomsman Attire: The Ultimate Guide to Dressing Your Groomsmen

Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life, and you want everything to be perfect. A big part of that is making sure the wedding party (including the groomsman attire) looks great, because the pictures taken will be something you cherish forever. Here is HARTTER | MANLY’s guide to ensuring your groomsmen party looks awesome on your big day.

Groomsman Attire Tip #1

First, determine what direction you want to go in. If you want the look to be tight-knit and styled to a T, you can choose matching attire for all of your groomsmen. This is the more traditional option in wedding attire, but it’s not required. You can opt for a look that’s more broken up and allow your groomsmen a bit of freedom to express themselves on your big day. Give them a general guide including the theme of the wedding, color palette, and environment your wedding will take place in. Of course, you’ll want to have them run their final looks by you before they commit so no one comes at you with a look straight out of left field, but it can be fun to let your groomsmen express themselves. If you do want to go this route, consider including one element that is static for all of your groomsmen, whether it is matching shoes, cufflinks, or pocket squares.

Groomsman Attire Tip #2

Consider the tone, theme, and style of the wedding. The days of requiring three-piece suits in weddings are long gone. Weddings can have a wide variety of themes, tones, and styles, from beach-themed to rustic to black tie. You want your party’s attire to match the tone of the wedding – your guys would stick out like a sore thumb if they wore tuxedos to a beach wedding. While you do want your group to look formal, there are a lot of options for groomsmen attire that can be used for any theme imaginable. Doing a rustic theme? Consider forgoing the jackets and dress your guys in suspenders and a bow-tie. Getting married by the sand and the waves? Try lighter linen suits. Are you a country couple? Nice, dark, denim, crisp white custom shirt, and cowboy boots look great if they look neat and tidy. You want your party to fit in well with the style your wedding is going for.

Groomsman Attire Tip #3

Coordinate with your better half. While it’s important to perfect the look of your groomsmen so they blend with your attire, you also need to be sure their look complements your partner’s party as well. Your groomsmen don’t have to match your spouse-to-be’s party perfectly, but as long as they have similar elements here and there, or common colors, everything will look great. In fact, you do want there to be a little bit of variety between the two parties, so that you and your partner’s parties say a little bit about who you each are as people. The most common way to tie the two parties together is to use elements with similar colors. You can either use colors from the same family, or you can have them use a separate color that is part of your wedding’s color palette and will be used throughout the ceremony in other elements, such as bouquets, seating, or decor. HARTTER | MANLY’s customers often match their garment’s button stitch to the bridesmaids’ dress color, or match the tie and / or pocket square.

Groomsman Attire Tip #4

Keep the cost in mind. Typically, groomsmen pay for their attire themselves, whether they purchase the look or use a rental service. Your groomsmen might come from a different income level than you and even each other, and you want to be sure that you’re not throwing a massive unexpected expense at them. Keep the cost in mind as you’re building your look, and get your groomsmen’s thoughts up front on what they are comfortable paying.  If the party can afford it, purchasing custom suits is always best to create the vision you are going for.  You can often get discounted rates for larger parties and share the cost with your groomsmen as part of their groomsmen gift.  If purchasing isn’t an option, avoid the boxy brands and go with a shop that understands fit.

Groomsman Attire Tip #5

Remember every guy is different. Your groomsmen are probably of all different shapes and sizes. You want to pick a look that is going to look great on all of them. If you are worried about the look you pick being unflattering on certain guys in your party, consider giving them the basic parameters – color, fabric, elements like tie and pocket square – and then allow them to find a fit that works for their shape. In a situation where they are all of vastly different shapes, it may be a good idea to go with the concept we mentioned at the beginning, having them all wear different things with some smaller elements in common or go the custom fit route. 

Tying it all together

There’s a lot of work that goes into making your big day perfect for you and your partner. Every single element says something about you two as people and your relationship as a whole. Dressing the wedding party is one of the most important aspects of creating a wedding to remember, and there are many different approaches you can take when crafting your look. Sit down with your guys and your better half and talk about the style and tone you want your wedding to have, deliberate a bit, and use these guidelines to create the perfect look for your big day. If you are interested in renting versus buying, check out HARTTER | MANLY’s Rental Options. Happy planning!

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